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> On 2013-05-03 16:58, mamta.nanav...@gmail.com wrote:
>> My company is currently evaluating between Gerrit and Reviewboard and one
>> of the points that we are debating on is Gatekeeping.
>> Gerrit automatically runs tests after a review is approved and ready to be
>> merged into jenkis. Is there any mechanism in reviewboard to do the same-
>> :
>> eg: Worflow to submit code , review it, run test as ultimately merge it
>> into the desired repository?
> Gerrit's UI is rubbish; do your users a favor and go with RB ;-).
> More seriously, I'm not sure if such functionality exists right this
> moment, but if not it is (AFAICT) solely from a lack of glue. Between RB's
> extensions and event system, you should be able - without much difficulty -
> to write an RB extension to either publish events and/or fire off automated
> regression tests and such.
Right, it should be doable with an extension. There's no built-in support
today. However, something you may want to look into is Review Bot, which is
a service that can perform automated code review with Review Board. You
could conceivably write a plugin for this. Basically, it would probably
just need to invoke a script to perform the build, take the results of
that, and return it to the plugin, which would post a review and say
whether or not it was successful.

If you wanted something deeper than something that posts reviews, you'd
write a custom extension. That could even add some UI.

Now, Review Board does *not* commit code, so that's important. For a lot of
reasons, we leave that up to the user. It's impossible for us to provide a
clean, consistent experience across the variety of servers and repository
types. Gerrit can do it because it basically just wraps a git repository.
It's possible down the road that we'll be able to offer it for services
like GitHub that specific APIs for it, but to do it on Git, Review Board
would have to do a full clone, merge, resolve conflicts, push, and you know
how hard and time-consuming that can be even as a human.


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