I looked into the issues little more. As per the debug output and referring 
to the postreview.py code - 
http://reviewboard.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/wxpostreview/postreview.py (Not 
sure if I am referring to the right code here, please correct me if I am 

def diff(self, files):
        Performs a diff across all modified files in a Subversion repository.
        return execute('svn diff --diff-cmd=diff %s' % ' '.join(files))

'svn diff --diff-cmd=diff <filenames> ' is the command that is getting used to 
generate the diff for all the SVN files. But this command itself doesn't work 
for uncommitted files, which are not versioned in svn. As the output below also 

E:\Prashima\Kite\server\Kite>svn diff --diff-cmd=diff 
svn: E150000: 
is not under version control

I could only generate diff for a newly added file using following command. 
But I don't know yet how can I generate diff for set of files which have 
both types of files - the ones that are under version control and the 
uncommitted ones, which are not under version control.

Any help this point onward?

On Sunday, May 5, 2013 5:01:09 PM UTC+8, Prashima wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone has any idea about this problem? Specially for the case where 
> post-review fails to post review for uncommitted, unversioned, new svn file.
> Thanks

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