On Sun, 12 May 2013 19:21:11 -0700, Silurian Ireviken
<silurianirevi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I've gotten reviewboard working with my git repo when I keep around a
> copy of the checkout, and update it frequently.
> I'm trying to move to using a url to cgit
> My cgit setup is pretty unfriendly.
> any hints on how to make this work or debug this?
> So here is the url I can use to see a file in my repo in cgi, in 'plain'
> mode
> so the file is "code_management_tools/add_file_tag.pl" and the version
> is 7bded99c9be22dccb9a5609f5f975f2faa7753d7
> In reviewboard admin I have set:
> ( this is the url I use to clone from command line )
> Path:  ssh://
> Raw file URL mask:
> <filename>?id=<revision>

This is most certainly the wrong URL. Your email doesn't make it even clear
that you are using cgit which is this: http://hjemli.net/git/cgit/ Even if
you have a similar system which is not cgit, you might still be able to get
this to work.

Here is what we use successfully:


Where "some_project" is obviously your project's name. 

The Reviewboard docs recommend using "id2". I don't know why it recommends
this; I looked into the cgit source code and "id2" is just wrong for this
use case. 

Be aware that Reviewboard will continue to insist that the ssh path to the
repository is valid even thought RB should not/will not need that URL. To
work around this, you can change the raw file URL mask in the database
directly or point the ssh URL to a junk repository.


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