I'm confused on how to find if a submitted review has a "ship it" 
associated it with it.  Does someone have a python fragment that shows how 
to extract this information along with the person who voted to press "ship 

Here's what I have so far:

from rbtools.api.client import RBClient

client = RBClient("http://iternal_url";)
root = client.get_root()

requests = root.get_review_requests(status="submitted")
review = requests[0]
print "Review status =", review.status
print "Review description =", review.description

submitter = review.get_submitter()
print "Submitter =", submitter.fullname

target_groups = review.target_groups
for group in target_groups:
    print "\tGroup =", group.title

target_people = review.target_people
for people in target_people:
    print "\tPeople =", people.title

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