On Friday, April 19, 2013 3:24:41 PM UTC+3, James Rice wrote:
> Ok, maybe I am totally missing something, but bear with me.  Went through 
> the docs a couple of times, and searched through this group for the answer.
> I am only evaluating review board for my organization right now.   We do 
> not use a git server or gitweb or the like.  We simply have a cm controlled 
> git repository, and a local developer git repository cloned from CM  The 
> developer creates branches based on a change, and currently we use meld 
> combined with a perl script for code review like "git meld 
> master...<dev_branch>".  Perhaps this is a barbaric way to use git, we just 
> transitioned recently, this is simple, and it works.
> So, is there a way to use Review board in this manner, with only a local 
> repo?  From the docs, from what I can see, if I do not have any hosting 
> service, the only requirement to add a Git repository is a Name, Repository 
> type, and Path, which should be the path containing the .git directory.   
> If I do this, it states "Unable to retrieve information for local Git 
> repository".  I have made sure the repo, including the .git objects are 
> world readable.
> Any help would be appreciated.

I think I'm looking for an answer to the same thing. We keep all Git 
repos/branches on the server and use remote application UI for making 
commits directly on the server. So I would need RB to show all repos and 
branches on the local drive.

Before I spend some hours trying to debug something that was never supposed 
to work, I'd like to ask here can RB do this?

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