> 1.7.9 is out, with fixes to installation issues people have hit and 
reported (thanks!).

My installation failed to upgrade from 1.7.6, with what looks to be a 
foreign key issue:

------------------ <begin log output> ------------------
Creating tables ...
Upgrading Review Board from 1.7.6 to 1.7.9
There are unapplied evolutions for accounts.
There are unapplied evolutions for hostingsvcs.
There are unapplied evolutions for reviews.
Project signature has changed - an evolution is required
Installing custom SQL ...
Installing indexes ...
Installed 0 object(s) from 0 fixture(s)
Error: Error applying evolution: (1005, "Can't create table 
'db_name.#sql-5b3a_6d' (errno: 150)")

Bruce Cran

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