We're running RB 1.7.6.  I've had several users report their reviews have 
been marked as submitted, and I've seen it as well. As an experiment, I 
asked a user without admin or superuser rights to mark one of my reviews as 
submitted and they were able to do so.  This raises these questions:

1. Should that be possible, or is something wrong with my site?

2. Is it configurable, and if so, how do I configure things so only the 
owner or admin can close a review?

3. Is can mine the database to see when a review gets changed from pending 
to submitted, but I can't figure out how to determine who made the change. 
 Is that possible?

I've searched our cron jobs to see if we had scripts closing  reviews 
automatically, but we have nothing doing that as far as I can see, and it 
seems unlikely that someone would mark a review as submitted accidentally, 
so I'm quite stumped by this.



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