New user to ReviewBoard here. Great tool with an intuitive interface, 
thanks for your efforts! Recently, one of my users was using 'rbt' from 
RBTools 0.5.1 and noticed that it would not accept '~' in the value for 
--diff-filename. My guess was that rbt does not run os.path.expanduser on 
the value, so I modified rbtools/commands/ with the following:
--- orig/rbtools/commands/       2013-05-30 00:36:44.000000000 -0700
+++ RBTools-  2013-06-11 
15:33:05.449908000 -0700
@@ -455,8 +455,11 @@
                 diff =
-                    diff_path = os.path.join(origcwd,
-                                             self.options.diff_filename)
+                    if (self.options.diff_filename.startswith('~')):
+                       diff_path = 
+                    else:
+                        diff_path = os.path.join(origcwd,
                     fp = open(diff_path, 'r')
                     diff =

My question is, is this sufficient to fix the problem or are there more 
places where I need to run expanduser? Also, although debug output 
indicates that it is unable to open the file, running rbt in normal mode is 
silent about not being able to find the difffile. Thanks!!!

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