Hi Pablo,

I can't paste the exact source code, because I have specifics in the code 
that match up to my company. However, explaining my approach is fairly 

a) I have a cron job that runs regularly (hourly/daily, I don't remember) 
which grabs the list of users that are supposed to be active, and jams that 
directly into the database. This involved a small amount of reverse 
engineering of the database schema. Sounds like you may not need that part.

b) I grabbed the code from backends.py, specifically for the LDAPBackend, 
created my own copy, and modified the "get_or_create_user()" method to look 
like this:

def get_or_create_user(self, username):
   username = username.strip()

     user = User.objects.get(username=username)
     return user
  except User.DoesNotExist:

return None

That way, if a user hasn't been added to the database, it will not be added 
during login.

c) Made sure my new file was on the path for ReviewBoard, then configured 
the authentication administrative setting to use my new file.


On Wednesday, March 23, 2011 8:29:35 AM UTC-7, Pablo G wrote:
> Hi guys.
> I have a RB installation validating against an LDAP server. It looks like 
> RB creates users in the local database whenever a user is correctly 
> authenticated with LDAP. What I need is a way to disable this automatic 
> user creation, so the site admin can decide which users in the full LDAP 
> repository can access the RB. Is this possible? I am on RB 1.5.2.
> thanks a lot.

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