I have just setup my first instance of ReviewBoard and use JIRA to track my 
bugs/work.  ReviewBoard gives me a basic way to link my review back to the 
JIRA ticket through the Custom Bug Tracker feature.  But I also want to 
link my JIRA ticket to my set of Reviews for that ticket.  JIRA gives me an 
API that allows me to do this, but I would like a way to intercept or 
extend the workflow of a ReviewBoard Review to send these API calls.  At a 
minimum I would like to be able to execute the JIRA API upon a Review being 
created, but ideally I would also like to do an update to JIRA when it is 
out of draft (i.e. first publish) and when it is submitted.  Is there any 
way to do this?  I thought Extensions would do it, just from its name, but 
the more I read, I don't think that sounds correct.   Any thoughts?


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