We actually built a django website that allows people to login and bulk close 
all of their review requests (I use it to discard my draft reviews all the 
time; I also have a lot of draft reviews because I'm always testing reported 
bugs). If its something that you'd like to use, I can try to make it more 
extensible and share the code. You can also alternatively do what we did 
yourself.  I think we query the database for a list of the users review and 
then call the API to either submit or discard the review. 

Further, we have another python script that takes on a parameter called 
"months_ago" and it emails people who have review open for that long and asks 
them to close the review with the bulk closing tool I mentioned above. This 
script just queries the database and sends emails :)

Let me know if either of them interest you and I'll see what I can do to share 


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