On 06/22/2013 11:51 PM, Christian Hammond wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We have two new releases out tonight. Both are important security
> updates for a vulnerability that was reported to us that affects
> primarily public-facing sites.
> 1.7.10 contains some additional bug fixes and improvements.
> For more info,
> see 
> http://www.reviewboard.org/news/2013/06/22/review-board-1617-and-1710-released/

Fedora and EPEL 6 packages are now on their way to the updates-testing
repository. As this contains a fix for a security issue, I'd appreciate
it if karma could be provided at the below links in order to push it to
stable ASAP.

IMPORTANT: Fedora 17 is no longer supported for ReviewBoard[1], please
upgrade to Fedora 18/19 or switch to using easy_install.

Fedora 19:

Fedora 18:


If you wish to test these packages before they filter out to the
mirrors, you can download the RPMs directly and install them with 'yum
localinstall --nogpgcheck ReviewBoard*.rpm':

Fedora 19:

Fedora 18:


[1] Fedora 17 has upgraded to Django 1.4 in the main repo. People who
have been using ReviewBoard up to this point will have just been holding
their local Django at 1.3 in yum. However, I can no longer build a new
copy of ReviewBoard because 1.6.x won't build against Django 1.4 and
ReviewBoard 1.7.x requires other dependencies that are two new to be
carried in Fedora 17. If you need long-term supportability for
ReviewBoard, I recommend using RHEL 6. Otherwise, please upgrade your
systems to Fedora 18 or 19 (the latter which is in its release-candidate
stage now and quite stable).

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