Use RBCommons hosted ReviewBoard (1.7.x IIRC) it seems like neither the 
presence of a comment nor an issue (resolved or otherwise) are presented in 
the diff view for subsequent revisions of the review ? If a comment is made 
on r1 it's not presented in r2 - is that correct ? Or is something awry ?

Some of my colleagues are struggling to verify that a subsequent revision 
does correctly address their prior comments (or issues) - it would seem 
that they need to flip back-n-forth between views of the review to work out 
whether something they suggested has been done. Am I missing something here 
? I don't recall this being an issue for me in using reviewboard at a 
different company a while ago - but it's possible my memory has just faded, 
or I've forgotten what I used to do!.

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