Any news on this? I've submitted the form again in case it wasn't received 
initially, but basically we are pretty desperate to get sight of this now.

Cheers, Ian.

On Wednesday, 15 May 2013 06:51:53 UTC+1, Christian Hammond wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We've been working toward a set of enhancements to Review Board for larger 
> installations that we're currently calling Review Board Enterprise. The 
> functionality we're targeting initially includes:
> * Support for repositories on GitHub Enterprise.
> * Ability to scale across multiple servers, to handle larger numbers of 
> consecutive users.
> * Faster diff viewer rendering. Diffs will begin generating immediately 
> upon upload, outside the Apache process, and this can be scaled out as well.
> * Pre-built Review Board VMs for quick installation and scale-out.
> Depending on interest, future versions may include:
> * Enhanced diff features. Due to the new way we can process diffs, we can 
> start enhancing what the users see, speeding up their review process, and 
> thus saving companies time and money.
> * Multiple SSH keys. Associate different SSH keys to different 
> repositories.
> * Single sign-on. Integrate with existing SAML-based services.
> These are changes we've been using on our hosting service, RBCommons (
>, and are working to make available to a larger 
> audience.
> We're collecting sign-ups from anyone interested in giving this a try. 
> We'll send out an announcement with a beta download once it's ready.
> You can sign up here:
> This will be a for-pay addition to Review Board, and will help directly 
> fund the continued development of Review Board itself. Please forward this 
> on to anybody who you think may be interested.
> Thanks!
> Christian
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