When trying to create a new review request on recently updated files on my 
bazaar repository, I get the error: Requested revision: 'date:2013-07-04 
19:23:10' does not exist in branch: <whatever>

It seems to be a problem related to timezone. My bazaar repository is in 
UTC (I don't want to change it since people in UK might also be using it). 
I'm in EST (Canada), so the problem seemed to be that the latest revision 
is in the "future". And indeed, if I wait a couple a hours, then it works. 
So I tried changing the system time of the Ubuntu VM which hosts the 
ReviewBoard site to UTC and the problem still persists. I also changed the 
timezone in the ReviewBoard admin > system settings to UTC, and the user 
timezone to UTC in "My Account".

Does anyone have a clue of how to solve this problem?

Thanks, any help appreciated :)

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