Yeah, 1.7 was just not set up for this, and even if we added it now, the 
extension would completely break for 1.8.

In 1.8, we've moved to a much better model for representing both review 
requests and fields in JavaScript. The work still needs to be done to allow 
extensions to augment these lists, but the framework is there now.

My old ETA for the 1.8 release has been pushed back a bit, due to a variety of 
factors, but much progress is being made.


Matthew Woehlke wrote:
On 2013-07-19 13:16, Jay Li wrote:
Are there hooks/support for making UI changes to a review request page via
extensions? I want to add a status field to the request page for each
review, but I believe that the Review UI hook is only for code review on
the request page?

What are common practices using extensions to achieve this?

IIRC this is incomplete... if you ever find/have/make an example, please share, as this has been on my wish list also for some time. (RB 1.8 is supposed to be better.)

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