Hi folks,

Been struggling with ReviewBoard on this issue and would love some 
guidance. I have a repository configured in RB as follows:

Repository type: Git
Path: g...@git.ourdomain.com:reponame.git
Raw file URL 

Now, when working locally, I am on master and make one commit that I'd like 
to have code reviewed. I invoke rbt as follows:

rbt post -g -d --target-groups=sysadmin
I get an error saying the file cannot be found (a file which has existed in 
the repo far earlier than my recent commit -- I am just making a change to 

The error in the RB server logs is:

2013-08-02 01:01:11,300 - INFO -  - Fetching file from 
2013-08-02 01:01:11,441 - ERROR -  - 404

Requesting the file directly from gitweb with 
also returns a 404 error. A bit of trial and error leads me to realize that 
requesting the file without specifying the revision works just fine: 

Locally, git show e4643b1cc6c8c05f17d4079f2d68d078bba96a4c shows me the 
file, and on a coworker's computer who does not have my latest commit that 
I am having code reviewed (because I have not pushed it yet) this git show 
also shows me the file. So, something has to be wrong with GitWeb I'd 
imagine, but I have no idea what. Gitweb operates on the same repository 
that we are pulling from locally, so that revision has to exist. Earlier 
today I played around with the permissions on these directories in order to 
have them appear in gitweb - is it possible that I messed something up 

We have also tried specifying various other command-line options to rbt: 
--parent and --tracking-branch to no avail. Can anyone shed some light on 
what's going on?


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