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On Saturday, May 18, 2013 4:36:52 PM UTC+2, Horatiu Eugen VLAD wrote:
> Hi,
> I have open-sourced a some time ago an Instant Messaging (XMPP) extension 
> for Review board. The feature set is basic at it just a mirroring the email 
> notification behavior.
> Code can be downloaded from:
> https://github.com/iconoeugen/rb-xmpp-notification
> For installation follow the next steps:
>     using pip:
>         sudo pip install RBXmppNotification
>     using easy_install:
>         sudo easy_install RBXmppNotification
>     from source:
>         git clone https://github.com/iconoeugen/rb-xmpp-notification
>         cd RBXmppNotification
>         sudo python setup.py build install
> Restart your web server running review board
> Login in to review board as administrator
>     Go to Admin panel -> Extensions
>     In the 'MANAGE EXTENSIONS' page, enable 'RBXmppNotification'
>     Configure 'RBXmppNotification' with the XMPP server and sender details.
>     Click on 'Save'
> Any feedback is welcomed,
> H

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