I'm trying to upgrade a REviewBoard instance from 1.6.6 to 1.7.13.  I've 
created a dump of the existing database and am running the following script on 
the new server:



# Delete and create empty rb database
echo "drop database reviewboard; create database reviewboard; use reviewboard; 
grant all privileges on revieboard.* to 'rb'@'localhost' identified by 
'$RB_PASSWORD' with grant option;" | mysql -u rb -p"$RB_PASSWORD"

# Delete existing ReviewBoard site directory so it can be recreated
/bin/rm -fr $RB_SITE

# Create the new ReviewBoard site 
rb-site install --console --noinput --domain-name=$RB_DOMAIN --site-root=/ 
--db-type=mysql --db-name=reviewboard --db-host=localhost --db-user=rb 
--db-pass="$RB_PASSWORD" --cache-type=memcached --web-server-type=apache 
--python-loader=wsgi --admin-user=admin --admin-password="$RB_PASSWORD" 
--admin-email=$RB_EMAIL --cache-info=localhost:11211 $RB_SITE

# Import tables from old database
echo "Importing tables from old database (please wait...)"
mysql -u rb -p"$RB_PASSWORD" < $(dirname $RB_SITE)/rb_dump.sql

# Upgrade ReviewBoard site (trying twice)
rb-site upgrade $RB_SITE
rb-site upgrade $RB_SITE
rb-site manage  $RB_SITE list-evolutions

The full log is attached, but the gist is that the rb-site upgrade fails with 
the following error:

    Error: Error applying evolution: (1050, "Table 
'reviews_reviewrequest_depends_on' already exists")

If I run rb-site upgrade again I get the following error:

 Error: Error applying evolution: (1051, "Unknown table 'auth_message'")

The log also contains the about of the rb-site manage list-evolutions command.

I would appreciate any information on how I can make this migration work.


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