On 08/23/2013 03:32 PM, Christian Hammond wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 4:43 AM, Stephen Gallagher
> <step...@gallagherhome.com <mailto:step...@gallagherhome.com>> wrote:
>     On 08/22/2013 05:02 PM, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>     > Ah, well, I was wanting to rewrite the whole thing in Python
>     anyway :-).
>     > (Trying to do that and skirt around where RBTools wants a deprecated
>     > optparse... now that's interesting...)
>     >
>     optparse is deprecated, not removed. It's not going to see any new
>     development, but last I heard it's going to remain available
>     indefinitely. Also, as python 2.7 is the last release in the Python 2
>     line, it's pretty clear that it's never going to be removed from that
>     series. That gives ReviewBoard (and anyone consuming RBTools) until at
>     least 2015 to deal with the migration (since the Python upstream has
>     committed to bug-fix support of Python 2.7 for five years after its
>     release). Beyond that, I know of certain enterprise OSes that will
>     likely extend the usable life of Python themselves.
>     With that in mind, though: Christian, will ReviewBoard 1.8 be supporting
>     Python 3.x?
> Right, it should be safe to depend on RBTools with optparse and all that
> for some time. We have a lot of people relying on Python 2.x, and will
> probably support it for quite a while.
> Review Board 1.8 will not support Python 3.x. While Django is now
> starting to support it, we still have a number of dependencies we need
> to check on, several of which likely need work, and nobody has even
> begun that, let alone tested any of it with Review Board. There's going
> to be a lot of work needed on our codebase as well. It's going to be
> quite an undertaking (one that I very much want help with).
> I'm spending almost every waking moment of 1.8, and there's still a lot
> of work to do on it. I don't want to delay the release any further than
> it's already delayed. Maybe we can prioritize this for the next big release.

Sorry, I should have been clear that this was a curiosity, not a request :)

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