On Aug 23, 2013, at 16:14, David Trowbridge <trowb...@gmail.com> wrote:

> What's happening is that rb-site install is creating a bunch of tables, and 
> then you're importing in the database dump but it's ending up with a mix of 
> old and new.
> I'd recommend installing 1.6.6 on the new server, importing the database 
> dump, and then upgrading in-place.

Hmm, easier said than done, I think.  I neglected to mention that the old 
server is running CentOS 5.9 with ReviewBoard installed via easy_install, and 
the new server is running CentOS 6.4 with ReviewBoard installed from the peel 
repo.  So how do Install 1.6.X on the new server?  I guess I would have to:

  o Uninstall ReviewBoard 1.7.X via yum remove (yum remove ReviewBoard 
pythin-django-evolution python-django-peipeline python-djblets)
  o Install ReviewBoard 1.6.X via easy_install (what is the exact command I 
need so that 1.6.6 gets installed?)
  o Install ReviewBoard 1.7.X via yum

I am unsure how to install 1.6.X, so the exact easy_install command would be 
appreciated.  Also, I worry that mixing easy_install and yum installations of 
ReviewBoard on the same server may cause some issues down the road.  Has anyone 
done this?  My other option would be to do this on a test server, and then 
export the 1.7.X database to the production server so that I don't mix the two 
installation methods on the production server.


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