I am trying to setup ReviewBoard (1.7.13). I want to add a git repository 
which resides on remote machine. Here are the steps, I am tried to add 
remote repository:
1) Goto Manage->Repositories->Add
2) Add Name
3) select Hosting service as None
4) Repository type is Git
5) Path is username@
6) Mirror Path, Raw file URL mask are empty
7) Entered Username and Password.

After saving, I get the following error:
A repository was not found at the specified path.

I looked at the logs, it shows as:
2013-08-27 14:07:18,035 - INFO -  - Authentication (publickey) failed.
2013-08-27 14:07:18,046 - DEBUG -  - userauth is OK
2013-08-27 14:07:23,062 - INFO -  - Authentication (password) successful!
2013-08-27 14:07:23,161 - DEBUG -  - EOF in transport thread
2013-08-27 14:07:23,187 - ERROR -  - Git: Failed to find valid repository 
ssh://username@ error: 
cannot spawn rbssh: No such file or directory
fatal: unable to fork

I noticed in the log above that there ":" is no more there. How to resolve 
the issue? 

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