On Aug 27, 2013, at 14:58, Christian Hammond <chip...@chipx86.com> wrote:

> What type of auth were you using? You'll want to ensure you have the proper 
> Python modules installed for LDAP, NIS or ActiveDirectory.

We are using LDAP.  I was able to log in after using the FQDN for our server (I 
googled for "Cookies must be enabled" and ReviewBoard), but after I log in and 
navigate to another page, it asks me to log in again (and again).  So maybe I 
am missing the proper module.  What is the name of the module(s) I need for 
LDAP?  How do I check to see if it's properly configured?  It was working just 
fine for the old site...

> Can you visually confirm for me that the SECRET_KEY is the same across 
> instances?

Yes, they are identical:

  $ for site in rb $RB_SITE_OLD; do grep SECRET $site/conf/settings_local.py | 
md5sum; done
  f825b34ef2d2cbaa1c80fd92c03e311a  -
  f825b34ef2d2cbaa1c80fd92c03e311a  -


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