I know this is a shot in the dark, but I was hoping people with more apache 
experience and better knowledge of RB might be able to give me some 
pointers.  We're running RB 1.7.12 on a Centos6 box on a very beefy machine 
which is dedicated to RB.  We're using MySQL and perforce and have close to 
900 users.  About twice a week (sometimes more) the load average on the 
server spikes into the hundreds and the server becomes unresponsive.  The 
only recourse is to stop apache, wait for the load average to come down and 
then restart.  Sometimes when we restart, it spikes again immediately so we 
typically pause for a bit and let the load average get down under 1 before 
restarting.  When this happens, it looks like there a way more apache 
processes running than there should be.  We're using the default settings 
for apache on linux, which I believe limits the number of connections.  It 
also looks like there's a lot of traffic going from apache to memcache, 
which is running on the same machine.  

I know this is not much to go on, but I was hoping someone who has 
experience with fine-tuning RB on a linux server might give me some 
pointers as to where to begin.



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