Your httpd.conf suggests you've got mod_status enabled.  Therefore visit 
the /server-status URL on your web server.  This should cause Apache httpd 
to provide a page that summarises the status of all its workers.  That may 
help you understand why you've got more httpd processes than expected.

Also, I've found the MaxRequestsPerChild directive to be useful on an 
installation of mine that would lock up occasionally.  Your config shows 
the directive set to 4000 for the prefork MPM, but 0 (infinity) for the 
worker MPM.  Check which MPM you're using (execute "httpd -V") and ensure 
that MaxRequestsPerChild is taking effect.  The config file contains a set 
of MPM tuning directives, duplicated for prefork and worker, make sure the 
required configuration is actually active.


On Tuesday, September 10, 2013 11:36:59 PM UTC+1, Steve wrote:
> I see the 'server cache' information in the admin page.  It shows the 
> memory usage at around 150MB, so clearly 64MB was not enough. 
>  Unfortunately, the load average once again climbed over 100 and I had 
> close to 200 apache processes running.  It's baffling.  Can you guide me on 
> how to limit the number of apache processes and threads?  I've attached the 
> apache httpd.conf file.
> Thanks Christian.
> --steve

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