This seems basic enough that I would think it's been answered numerous 
times, but for the life of me I can't find a bug report nor an explanation 
on why it behaves the way it does.

When a changeset includes moved lines of code, they are marked with "Moved 
to" and "Moved from" tags (very useful!).  These tags are linked, but they 
do not behave in a reasonable manner.  Instead of the "Moved to" link 
linking to the place the code was moved to, it opens up a new window 
(placed at the top of the page).

The anchor tag has strange attributes, with a "target" property consisting 
of the line number the code was moved to and a "line" property consisting 
of the current line number.  Because "target" has a specific meaning for 
anchor tags, and this is not what it is being used as, the strange behavior 
is invoked.

Could somebody help me understand why this behavior was chosen, point me to 
a bug report to follow, or indicate this is a "new" bug?


 - Keith

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