I installed reviewbot on our 1.7.14 server using these instructions:


It looks like pep8 and cppcheck are automatically installed with reviewbot, 
but I don't see them listed in the extension list. I'm looking for them 

*Extensions -> Database -> Review bot tools*

That page says *'0 review bot tools'*.  Is some additional configuration 
needed?  The instructions say:

Workers are able to find installed tools using Entry 
New tool classes should add a reviewbot.toolsentry point. The entry point 
for the pep8 tool is part of the review bot installation, here is an 
example showing its definition:

'reviewbot.tools': [
        'cppcheck = reviewbot.tools.cppcheck:CPPCheckTool',
        'cpplint = reviewbot.tools.cpplint:CPPLintTool',
        'pep8 = reviewbot.tools.pep8:PEP8Tool',

But it's not clear to me where that setting should be.


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