I'm a little confused with the way Reviewboard works with a CVS repository.

The repository sits at /srv/cvs and there are a number of modules inside 
it, one for each software my company develops; I'm planning to use 
Reviewboard and automate review request creation for a couple of modules 

In my test setup, Reviewboard runs in the same machine which hosts the CVS 
repository, so the repository path in Reviewboard is configured as /srv/cvs. 
On that same machine, I checked out a module "mod" to /home/user/src/mod, 
modified a file and ran post-review in that directory (the module 
"root"). The review request is created successfully, but when viewing the 
diffs, the list of files shows something lilke:

Files Changed:

src/file.properties (was mod/src/file.properties): 4 changes [ 1 2 3 4 ]

It seems Reviewboard thinks the file name changed! If I generate the diff 
myself with cvs diff and prepend the module name to each path, so that

--- src/file.properties <timestamp> 1.1
+++ src/file.properties <timestamp>


--- mod/src/file.properties <timestamp> 1.1
+++ mod/src/file.properties <timestamp>

and then post the review request, the changed files list only shows the 
file name.

In both diffs, the "RCS file" line is correct: 

So, can I simply ignore this? Is the CVS repository configured incorrectly?

Thanks in advance for any clarification.

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