On some web browsers, if the system color scheme has a dark default background color, various text input areas in Review Board end up with illegible black text against a dark background.

I originally thought this was just a webkit bug, but decided to take a closer look today, and can't actually find where RB ever specifies the background color for text input areas. As a result, the foreground color gets inherited as 'black' from the 'body' css rules, but the background color is the system default. (At least according to uzbl, the UA style sheet should be specifying white, but due to a webkit bug, input widgets ignore 'white'.)

Would it be possible/reasonable to have RB's css specify a non-white (even e.g. #fefefe) background color for its text input areas? Or 'white' with an explicit border (which seems to work around the bug)?

Inline comments are most noticeable, but also the user name / password fields on the login page.



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