On 2013-10-25 17:22, David Trowbridge wrote:
This sounds like it's 100% a webkit bug, and a relatively unusual corner
case at that (where you have to first modify your system colors).

Why do you think that having a non-default color scheme is unusual? I know lots of people that use light-on-dark color schemes.

Why should we add ugly workarounds inside Review Board that affect
everyone for a browser bug that affects so few people?

Are you sure you *don't* mean to have a border specified in this case? I notice that many of the other text inputs on RB *do* have a border specified, and are legible as a result.

Can you work around this with user stylesheets of your own?

Unfortunately I have not figured out how to make either of my main webkit browsers add their own style rules for specific sites :-(.


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