Hi ,

We have a reviewBoard instance 1.7.12 running on Rhel6.3 server installed .Our 
RB server is Integrated with NIS so users are authenticated using unix password 

When post-review is run First time  from client linux rhel5 host with below 
command for clearcase repository 

"post-review --tracking-branch branch_name --server=rbServer  --submit-as=user 
--target-people= users  -*-username= user_Unix_ID*

  Once this is done ,subsequent post-review doe not ask for password by 
running ""post-review --tracking-branch branch_name --server=rbServer 
--submit-as=user --target-people= users" 

 but of the client host rebooted ,then post-review has to authenticate to 
RB server again using "post-review --tracking-branch branch_name 
--server=rbServer --submit-as=user --target-people= users -*-username= 

My question is how can client authentication to ReviewBoard server using 
post-review should be permanent irrespective the client host reboots . i.e 
i want run post-review to upload review details to RB server without any 
authentication ?

Please let me know incase you need any more info .

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