The rb-extension-pack code isn't very well maintained right now, so I
wouldn't be surprised if things don't work. It's going to take some
debugging to work out what's different between the ones that work and the
ones that don't.


On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 6:29 AM, Heinz Wiesinger <>wrote:

> Hello!
> I've installed the rb-extension-pack on Reviewboard 1.7.18. While rbiphone,
> rbreports and rbcia seem to work fine, I'm having troubles with
> rbxmlreview and
> rbwebhooks. In the logs I see
> Error loading extension rbxmlreview: No module named rbxmlreview.extension
> Error loading extension rbwebhooks: No module named rbwebhooks.extension
> I would appreciate any pointers at how I can fix this.
> Grs,
> Heinz

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