On 2013-11-20 18:26, markdbe...@gmail.com wrote:
For git repositories is there a way to display the  commit hash ID in the
UI ? I know it shows up when you display the diff but I have a user who'd
like to see it somewhere near the "Repository" field.

Maybe that's doable as a simple UI extension ? Thought I'd ask before
embarking on it.

Eventually I want to see this in RB proper. I think it's going to be important when better branch support starts showing up. However, that probably won't be until the next major version.

In the mean time, it's been on my to do list for ages to do this as an extension (I also really, *really* want this feature), but the API support hasn't been there. Hopefully in 2.0 it will be.

If you make such an extension, I hope you will share it for others to use!

p.s. bonus points for also adding the branch name. (I've been using the existing branch field as the *target* branch, which is also important. At least for git, there really ought to be two branch fields.)

p.p.s. more bonus points for being able to read the commit SHA via the API. (Or is this already possible? I'm not aware of how RB would know the SHA already, but Christian's comment makes me wonder...)


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