I got the following error :
   - Unable to authenticate against this repository using one of the 
   supported authentication types.

 This error I got when I tried to setup by using the RAW file URL mask.

On Tuesday, December 3, 2013 12:29:26 PM UTC+2, Jillala Srinivas wrote:
> Hi, 
> I setup ReviewBoard to work with git. I'm using gitolite to host the git 
> repos. ReviewBoard is working when I have local clone and I have script for 
> synching repos.
> However, I'm trying to setup by giving the Raw url mask of the gitweb, 
> it's giving the above said error.
> Working setup :
> Hosting Service:    Custom
> Repository type:    Git
> Path:                    /path/to/local_cloned_repo/.git
> Mirror Path:          g...@example.com:repo.git
> Not working Setup:
> Hosting Service:      Custom
> Repository type:      Git
> Path:                      g...@example.com:repo.git   (i.e., output of 
>  "git remote show origin")
> Mirror Path              g...@example.com:repo.git   (i.e., output of  "git 
> remote show origin")
> Raw file URL mask:  http://eaxmple.com/gitweb/?p=repo.git
> Note: I have uploaded SSH public key of RB into git server and I have 
> given access rights for repos.
> Can anyone give some pointers on where I am doing wrong? How to setup this 
> to work with Raw file URL mask.
> Thanks and regds, 
> Srinivas Reddy

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