Hi all.

I use ReviewBoard 1.7.19, with mod_wsgi.

I'm writing a "rbirker" extension, as a replacement to rbcia.

I used rbwebhooks as an example to write my extension, so mainly
only the notification code is different: it sends a notification
to an irker relay through a TCP socket.

But, the signal handler callbacks are called several times for each
notification (the number of times varying...).

I added some logging to my extension and to the mail notification
code, and here is an example log of what I get:

16:34:44 INFO - mail: review_published
16:34:44 INFO - mail: sending to .....
16:34:44 INFO - irker: review_published

which is fine, but I also sometime get:

00:10:10 INFO - mail: review_published
00:10:10 INFO - mail: sending to .....
00:10:10 INFO - irker: review_published
00:10:10 INFO - irker: review_published
00:10:10 INFO - irker: review_published
00:10:10 INFO - irker: review_published

which is not fine.

I also logged the call to the extension __init__ (which connect
callbacks to signals), and I can see lot of traces:

19:21:06 INFO - Connecting rbiker
19:26:09 INFO - Connecting rbiker
19:31:10 INFO - Connecting rbiker
19:39:06 INFO - Connecting rbiker
19:44:07 INFO - Connecting rbiker
19:57:06 INFO - Connecting rbiker

My guess (but I may be totally wrong, I'm a python newbie and I know
nothing of django) is that the callbacks could be registered several
times ?

Could someone help me solving that issue ?


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