I'm trying to get a new user provisioned in ReviewBoard. His account exists 
in LDAP, but when he tries to log into ReviewBoard, he triggers a "Bad 
search filter" error:

2013-12-04 01:51:59,695 - WARNING -  - LDAP error: {'desc': 'Bad search 

The LDAP server seems to be perfectly happy:

[03/Dec/2013:17:51:59 -0800] CONNECT conn=42697 
from=reviewboard:32876to=ldap:1636 protocol=LDAPS
[03/Dec/2013:17:51:59 -0800] BIND REQ conn=42697 op=0 msgID=1 type=SIMPLE 
[03/Dec/2013:17:51:59 -0800] BIND RES conn=42697 op=0 msgID=1 result=0 
authDN="" etime=0
[03/Dec/2013:17:51:59 -0800] SEARCH REQ conn=42697 op=1 msgID=2 
base="dc=socrata,dc=com" scope=wholeSubtree filter="(uid=johndoe)" 
[03/Dec/2013:17:51:59 -0800] SEARCH RES conn=42697 op=1 msgID=2 result=0 
nentries=1 etime=1
[03/Dec/2013:17:51:59 -0800] BIND REQ conn=42697 op=2 msgID=3 type=SIMPLE 
dn="uid= johndoe,ou=Employees,dc=socrata,dc=com"
[03/Dec/2013:17:51:59 -0800] BIND RES conn=42697 op=2 msgID=3 result=0 
authDN="uid= johndoe,ou=Employees,dc=socrata,dc=com" etime=1
[03/Dec/2013:17:51:59 -0800] UNBIND REQ conn=42697 op=3 msgID=5
[03/Dec/2013:17:51:59 -0800] DISCONNECT conn=42697 reason="Client Unbind"+

For comparison, I logged in successfully, and the output seems to be 

[04/Dec/2013:09:42:38 -0800] CONNECT conn=42706 
from=reviewboard:34744to=ldap:1636 protocol=LDAPS
[04/Dec/2013:09:42:39 -0800] BIND REQ conn=42706 op=0 msgID=1 type=SIMPLE 
[04/Dec/2013:09:42:39 -0800] BIND RES conn=42706 op=0 msgID=1 result=0 
authDN="" etime=0
[04/Dec/2013:09:42:39 -0800] SEARCH REQ conn=42706 op=1 msgID=2 
base="dc=socrata,dc=com" scope=wholeSubtree filter="(uid=carmstrong)" 
[04/Dec/2013:09:42:39 -0800] SEARCH RES conn=42706 op=1 msgID=2 result=0 
nentries=1 etime=0
[04/Dec/2013:09:42:39 -0800] BIND REQ conn=42706 op=2 msgID=3 type=SIMPLE 
[04/Dec/2013:09:42:39 -0800] BIND RES conn=42706 op=2 msgID=3 result=0 
authDN="uid=carmstrong,ou=Employees,dc=socrata,dc=com" etime=1
[04/Dec/2013:09:42:39 -0800] UNBIND REQ conn=42706 op=3 msgID=4
[04/Dec/2013:09:42:39 -0800] DISCONNECT conn=42706 reason="Client Unbind"

We were running 1.7.16, but I upgraded to 1.7.19 and still see the issue. 
The workaround for this is to provision them in ReviewBoard manually, but 
obviously this is less-than-ideal as it defeats the entire purpose of 

Does anyone have any idea what this can be? Did the provisioning of new 
users from LDAP break some time ago, and noone noticed?

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