You shouldn't need a local repo. What's happening is that, when creating a
repository entry, RB is doing a validation check to make sure what you
enter is correct. However, for file lookups, it's using the raw file mask,
and shouldn't care about the repository path anymore except when a client
is using the API to look up repositories.


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On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 1:25 PM, Erika Redmark <
> wrote:

> I just set my Path to the local repo, my Mirror to the clone URI for ssh,
> the mask to a proper mask I posted, and supplied the username/password for
> the the special ReviewBoardUser, just to be sure. It seems like it works
> now, and the old error I was getting where I would get 207s and File Not
> Found for diffs I would try to upload for new branches appears to be gone.
> Can you verify that this procedure worked? I was under the impression that,
> with a mask, you don't need and shouldn't have a local repo.

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