I haven't been able to successfully use *rbt post 
It works fine if I use the syntax *rbt post --revision-range=*
Am I doing something wrong?

My steps:

   1. Commit some files to svn revision 123.  Note: there are still 
   modified files in my working copy which I do NOT want to review.
   2. I want to review just the files committed in revision 123, so I type:
   *rbt post --revision-range=123*
   This creates a review request with a diff of the *changes in my working 
   copy* instead of showing me a diff of what was committed.  It was as if 
   I posted a pre-commit review by typing: *rbt post* .
   3. Suddenly it works if I type: *rbt post --revision-range=122:123*

RBTools 0.5.5, ReviewBoard 1.7.21, subversion 1.7.8, python 2.7.5

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