Has there been any discussion around 'required' vs 'optional' reviewers on a 

Prior to Review Board, we would use email for CR, and could specify the 'To:' 
vs 'Cc:' headers to communicate the importance that a particular individual or 
group look at a piece of code.  E.g. A lot of time we'll put new team members 
on a CR to help them learn the code/development standards by observing, but 
their yea/nay isn't strictly necessary. I've had several of my consumers ask 
about implementing similar features, and I was wondering if the RB community 
has tackled similar issues or requests.

I searched the mailing list archives, and came across many policy enforcement 
threads which shed a lot of light on the issue, and RB's somewhat hands-off 
approach given the complexities of different orgs different CR policies.  Even 
so, I'm interested to know what other community members have implemented to 
handle 'these people must review the code' whereas 'these people may be 
interested' in the patch.


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