Finally I found out how to use utf8 in ReviewBoard.

It is the problem that charset of all ReviewBoard tables is set to be 
'latin1', not 'utf8', which I mentioned above.
So, I could use utf8 by changing all table's charset by the solution below 

However, this is not a real solution but a temporary solution.

The real solution is to change the official DDL script used to create 
ReviewBoard tables.

I wish the next release to have utf8-enabled DDL script.

2014년 2월 6일 목요일 오후 1시 11분 38초 UTC+9, 오명운 님의 말:
> Hi.
> I'm running ReviewBoard 1.7.21 on Linux Mint with
> - MySQL 5.5.35
> - Apache2, WSGI
> I made a review request including 'Korean' language,
> but when I see the review, it says '???' instead of Korean letters.
> So, I checked the DBMS and did the followings,
> - changed the character set of MySQL to utf8
> - changed the character set of ReviewBoard database to utf8
> - changed the charset of ReviewBoard table 'reviews_reviewrequest' to utf8
> But it still says '???'.
> How can I make my ReviewBoard read/write utf8 characters like Korean?
> And I found that all 'CREATE TABLE ...' statements of ReviewBoard tables 
> had the 'DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1'.
> I think it should be 'utf8', not 'latin1'.

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