This email makes me so happy. :)

On Friday, February 7, 2014 2:56:13 PM UTC-5, wrote:
> Of all the things I've introduced
> of all ideas I've brought
> One stands out as my favorite
> ne'er to be forgot.
> It is definitely not jQuery
> though at first I was inquisitive
> jQuery was adopted because of
> another developer's initiative
> Hudson was a "great success"
> but hasn't been quite the same
> since they renamed it to Jenkins
> (I know, it's just a name)
> It isn't the eccentric Clojure
> though I love it like my own
> Hardly anybody even considered it
> (which to this day I still bemoan)
> 'Tis Review Board!
> Our former review darling
> of code and collaboration
> She was a beautiful, swift starling.
> Others tried to court her.
> Oh how they tried to woo,
> but she played hard to get!
> Their advances wouldn't do.
> They thought that she refused
> the bug number and hg bundle,
> but it wasn't really her!
> It was mercurial-reviewboard that fumbled
> So with sword drawn and helmet donned
> I crossed the threshold of that lair
> of Python code and REST services
> and wrote two patches, what a dare!
> Thus she was ours and part of us
> she freely served us well
> For code reviews and comments back and forth
> 'til the changes came, pell-mell.
> The enterprise must roll on!
> Its grinding cogs must churn.
> We must migrate to Atlassian!
> Like a witch at the stake, Review Board would burn.
> 'Tis for the best, they reassured,
> All integrated, it's a suite!
> Nevermind that their products are all acquisitions,
> cobbled together like sausage meat.
> Nevermind their inconsistent editors
> Which all require different markups
> Nevermind that each product takes
> a different query language for lookups.
> So now we work with Crucible
> and endure his bitter glare,
> his unfriendly user interface,
> and slow loads that make us stare.
> Gone is Review Board, and with her
> the nice handling of multi-file diffs
> and clear commenting on multiple revisions
> without any ands, buts, or ifs.
> But she escaped!  She got away!
> She was not broken asunder
> She left for greener pastures
> But now I'm left to wonder...
> Review Board, Review Board
> oh beautiful Review Board
> to where hast thou gone
> oh lovely Review Board?
> Is there some other Java team
> with an enterprise to serve
> giving you the attention and love
> that you so need and deserve?
> Or some upstart team using Python
> (the version that's plain vanilla)
> convinced that they are CRUSHING
> their eight-hundred-pound gorilla?
> I hope you're well, ReviewBoard
> I miss you, I must say
> You really were delightful
> Perhaps we'll meet again some day.

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