On 2014-02-10 17:45, David Trowbridge wrote:
On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 2:44 PM, MoonWalker <daniel.cabrera...@gmail.com>wrote:
I was wondering if is possible to tell Reviewboard to indicate the X
column boundary.

I'm afraid I don't understand what you're talking about. Can you clarify?

I'm guessing the OP means the N'th column. I feel like this has come up before and that the answer is that HTML wrapping makes it very difficult. (Also non-fixed-width fonts...) At any rate I am fairly sure there is no such feature currently.

I suppose you could stick a 1-px wide <span> or something after the N'th character (or maybe better, apply a different style to anything after N characters on a line), but it might look ugly. The latter perhaps less so, because it will look more like 'trailing whitespace' and less like something that's supposed to be a vertical line that is instead a large number of broken segments.


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