So, I suspect this is going to be a tricky situation to solve:

I've been hosting a Review Board instance on Red Hat's public OpenShift
for quite a while while we worked on getting a supported version hosted
in the Fedora Hosted infrastructure. There are now over 1500 reviews in
this OpenShift instance that we would like to keep for posterity.

Does anyone on this list know of a way to export the review history from
one ReviewBoard instance into another, merging the two together?

Let's assume that it's perfectly fine for the reviews to change numbers
(and that we'd figure out a way to remap them, probably by forwarding
rules from the old URL).

I strongly suspect the answer is going to boil down to: "Switch to the
new one and leave the old server in read-only mode for posterity.", but
I figured I may as well ask.

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