We're trying to follow a pre-commit workflow with bzr with all patches 
submitted to the review board prior to checkin to the repo - I was 
wondering anyone had any experience with this and how best to handle 
pending patches. 

Sometimes it's inconvenient to wait for the review process to be completed 
before working on another part of the code - as a result, I can have a few 
patches pending and cherry picking the right files from the checkout to 
manually create a diff can be quite time consuming and error prone when 
there are a handful of small review posts pending. 

I've written a quick and dirty script which associates specific files with 
a review ticket and provides me with a view of changes which have been made 
on those files since the last posting - it also allows the files included 
to be manipulated from the command line and post the current patches as 
required. I'm quite sure it can be improved upon and would be happy to 
provide a link to it if anyone is curious (or just wants to point and laugh 

I was wondering if there were other ways to handle this - I was vaguely 
thinking about using some kind of local repo, tagging each checkin comment 
with the associated review id and creating review posts from that, but it 
would still involve some kind of manual cherry picking process when 
handling merges from other developers. With the tool I have, the latter 
tends to be a bit of a non-issue as I just need to make the corrections, 
and run my script against each of my pending reviews and it does the rest 
(with the exception of patches which pending patches which touch the same 
source files - those tend to block me until the previous review is cleared 

Possibly over thinking the issue :-) - any suggestions welcome.



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