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> I have no idea why the review board changes the paths from local to remote
> server, at least it should keep the local working copy`s path.
> Here`s a example of what those paths look like:
> --- /trunk/ReviewBoardTest/src/ReviewBoardTest.java   (revision 166)
> +++ /trunk/ReviewBoardTest/src/ReviewBoardTest.java   (working copy)     you 
> see here? The working copy is locally, but the review board still changes its 
> path to remote server.
Just to keep this from becoming a confusing point of discussion in this

This is normal for an SVN diff. It's just a diff relative to the root of
the repo, and not a remote path of any sort. This is what patch -p is made

There's another thread already open for this, but for followers of this
thread, I don't want people to get the wrong idea about anything and get
stuck on this point.


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