Guess it might be easier if I provide the script and associated document 
which I'm muttering about here :).

It's very much a prototype - just knocked up in handful of shell scripts 
(I've only included a couple of the more stable ones at the moment in the 
Appendices - will post a couple more down the line... maybe). I may 
re-implement in python and extend beyond the bzr only support at some point 
(providing other people find it useful or another approach isn't found).

AFAICT, it should be sufficient to replace bzr with svn throughout to have 
support there, but I haven't tested this. 

--diff and --overlap require interdiff from patchutils - if you don't have 
them installed, it should gracefully die should you attempt to use those 

It could be greatly enhanced by the use of the reviewboard web api, but 
this was considered overkill and too painful for bash :).

All very hokey and incomplete, but functional enough to meet my 

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