We are in the process of upgrading our Review Board version from 1.6.12 to 
1.7.21 . However we had issues upgrading python so we installed latest 
ReviewBoard on another server with higher version of python (as we faced 
certificate issues while running easy_install ReviewBoard==1.6.12  -- 
received error " SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed -- 
Some packages may not be found!) . Now we need the data to be migrated on 
to this new server but he have a difference of version.

I was thinking of directly taking a backup of mysql db dump(.sql file) and 
restore it back to the newly installed instance. (using mysqldump command) 

Will it be successful even if the versions are different? If not, can you 
please suggest a way (maybe some utility) to migrate data across different 


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