Thanks Christian & Stephen for fixing this. It really made me hit my head 
for a while.

My corporate un-organized ldap directory shows that my reviewboard users 
are scattered under different OUs. How can I configure authentication to 
allow all my users to login?

i.e. one user is 
cn=ford,ou=company Users,ou=location,dc=domain1,dc=domain2

while another is  

currently I set my LDAP Base DN: to tesla user OU and if any user from Ford 
OU login I get the following warning in reviewboards.log and fails to login
WARNING -  - LDAP error: The specified object does not exist in the 
Directory: sAMAccountName=ford

Also it would be great if you document for us what should be in Anonymous 
User Mask/Password?

I appreciate your support and can't wait to read your reply

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