On 02/24/2014 08:51 PM, Tamer Afify wrote:
> Thanks Christian & Stephen for fixing this. It really made me hit my
> head for a while.
> My corporate un-organized ldap directory shows that my reviewboard users
> are scattered under different OUs. How can I configure authentication to
> allow all my users to login?
> i.e. one user is 
> cn=ford,ou=company Users,ou=location,dc=domain1,dc=domain2
> while another is  
> cn=tesla,ou=Users,ou=location,dc=domain1,dc=domain2 
> currently I set my LDAP Base DN: to tesla user OU and if any user from
> Ford OU login I get the following warning in reviewboards.log and fails
> to login
> WARNING -  - LDAP error: The specified object does not exist in the
> Directory: sAMAccountName=ford
> Also it would be great if you document for us what should be in
> Anonymous User Mask/Password?
> I appreciate your support and can't wait to read your reply

That's a specific issue I fixed with the new patches. It sounds like we
may want to backport that for the 1.7.x series.

Christian, is that a patch you'd be willing to accept? I know 1.7.x is
kind of winding down now.

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