I am not clear on how to configure Reviewboard (1.7) with our clearcase 
Our clearcase setup:
We use clearcase dynamic views on linux.  The user can have a view or  set 
of views on his client machine.  The views are mounted and accessed in the 
following manner:
In order to access a view, a user typlically will execute the starview 
command:  cleartool startview <view_name> which mounts the view under /view.
Our Reviewboard setup:
- Hosted on a linux server.
- Clearcase client is installed on review server.
The Reviewboard documentation on clearcase states:

Review Board works with local ClearCase dynamic views, by utilizing 
version-extended paths to access specific file revisions. The *Path 
 point to the particular VOB, which must be an absolute path starting 
with a drive letter on Windows or a mount point on Unix/Linux.

My Questions:  

Q1: What should I set in the path field ?   

Q2: Since each user can can have a set of views and Reviewboard requires an 
absolute path, it seems to me that the reviewboard server can only access 
one view for single clearcase repostiry.  Do I have to add each view as a 
separate clearcase repository in Reviewboard and manually start (mount) the 
view before adding it?  This is painfull, since we lots of views.

Q3: Is there a dynamic way to tell the server to startview <view_name> and 
access the file when the user posts a review of particualr file in 

Any comments on this would be appreciated,





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